Eliminate credit card fees for good with ONUS® Zero.

ONUS® Zero allows you to add a fixed 3.5% fee to your consumers’ credit card transactions at checkout. This eliminates processing costs and you keep 100% of the sale price!

What is Surcharging?

Using a surcharge adds to your bottomline by passing the credit card fees to your customers. The surcharge fee is applied to all credit card transactions at checkout and are itemized on customer receipts.

100% compliant.

ONUS® Zero complies with Card Brand and State rules. We handle all of the rules that apply when passing on credit card fees to consumers.

Is this right for my business?

Your business is unique and your decision to implement this should be based on considerations, including how you feel your customers may respond as well as other contributing factors.

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Available for card-present transactions.

With Clover® point-of sale devices you can take control of your business and offset 100% of your credit card processing fees:
  • Clover Station Duo (Formerly known as Pro)
  • Clover Station Solo
  • Clover Mini
  • Clover Flex
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a merchant, what are my responsibilities to implement a surcharge fee?

As a merchant, you are required to clearly and prominently display the surcharge rate at the point of sale (POS) and point of entry, notifying all customers that this fee will be applied if they pay by credit card.

You are also responsible for creating your own signage that complies with surcharging requirements by the Card Brand Rules and any relevant State laws (some states may have additional requirements).

Below is suggested language for the signage based on Card Brand rules:

We add a surcharge of 3.5 % on the transaction amount when paying with a credit card, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. We do not surcharge debit cards.

By enrolling in ONUS® Zero, the following requirements will be fulfilled on your behalf, including, but not limited to:

Notifying the Card Brands and registering your participation in ONUS® Zero.
Itemizing the surcharge on customer receipts.
Preventing surcharges on applicable debit and prepaid card transactions.
Refunding surcharges on returns.

Card Brands and your State may have other requirements.

Can I surcharge and also apply a convenience fee or offer a cash discount?

No. Once you are a part of the ONUS® Zero program, you can no longer charge a convenience fee, service fee, or offer cash discounts.

Can I apply a surcharge only on selected transactions?

No. If you choose to implement a surcharge, that surcharge must be applied to all credit card transactions.

Can I apply a different surcharge percentage for different transactions?

No. The same 3.5% surcharge must be applied to all credit card transactions.

Can I apply a surcharge only on selected sales items or services?

No. If you use a surcharge, that surcharge must be applied to all items in the sale.

Is surcharging the same as a convenience fee?

No. A surcharge is a percent fee applied uniformly for all credit card transactions.